At Meta Capability, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to bring your business and products to the forefront of the market. Our approach integrates Strategy & Marketing, Brand Development, Product Design, Product Build, and Product Launch to create a seamless journey from concept to market presence.

Strategy & Marketing

From business and product modelling to comprehensive market analysis, we craft strategies that align your goals with market demands, ensuring your brand and products resonate effectively in the competitive landscape.

Shaping a strategy and product vision that aligns your goals with market demands, customer needs and the competitive landscape

— Business modelling
— Product modelling
— Product vision and roadmap
— Brand strategy + planning
— Market analysis
— Marketing strategy
— Marketing planning + tactics

Brand Development

We create distinctive brands through thoughtful positioning, naming, and identity design. Our toolkits ensure your brand is coherent, compelling, and primed for your target audience.

Crafting a distinctive and cohesive brand that’s compelling to your target audience and competitive in the marketplace

— Brand positioning blueprint
— Brand and product naming
— Visual identity design
— Key messaging
— Implementation toolkits

Product Design

Our design philosophy focuses on creating engaging user experiences that will deliver on your commercial goals. We handle everything from UX vision and wireframing to prototyping and technical architecture integration design.

Design of a prototype to demonstrate an engaging user experience using the visual identity. Provide technical architecture details for integration with your existing systems.

— UX vision
— Story mapping
— Information architecture
— Technical architecture
— Wireframing
— Prototyping
— Project planning

Product Build

We build reliable digital solutions from the ground up, ensuring seamless front and back-end development, integrations, and robust security protocols.

Build and integration of digital experiences that are 100% reliable from day one, delivered to the agreed scope, budget and timescale.

— Front + back-end development
— Integrations + APIs
— Security + hosting
— Quality Assurance
— Client UAT
— Backlog review
— Sprint planning

Product Launch

Our launch strategies are designed to maximise your product's market impact. From release planning to user feedback and ongoing support, we ensure a successful market introduction.

Careful planning, execution and evaluation to ensure a successful introduction to market, maximising impact and profitability.

— Release strategy + planning
— Go to market strategy
— User feedback
— Performance analytics
— Backlog review
— Sprint planning
— Ongoing support + hosting


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