Case study: Meta Team

Where success becomes second nature.


Inspiring teams and organisations to go to the next level. A development solution based on a model of the inner and outer habits of high-performing teams and their associated micro-behaviours.


The inventor created results manually in Powerpoint, charging £60k-£100k per top team over 6-9 months and although getting great results, the client could not afford to do more.


We worked with Rob to get 15 years of team experience into a specification and digital platform. In parallel we researched the market, created the name, brand, strategic positioning, business plan and pricing points.


Meta Team is now highly profitable, affordable and scalable platform which has international clients and a global strategic partner network including the likes of Willis Towers Watson and Thomas International.


of Work

✓ Business modelling
✓ Brand strategy
✓ Visual brand creation
✓ Prototyping
✓ Platform development
✓ Platform launch