We take the biggest asset your membership body has created, the professional development framework, and link your best practice standards to your expert digital content.

Through a series of bite-sized self-assessments and certification, members are guided down personalised learning pathways that drives and verifies capability improvement.

Increase your membership engagement and retention by providing members with a new compelling way of conducting CPD via a self-development next generation learning platform, linked to your standards.

This drives membership engagement, growth and retention and satisfies and attracts members of all ages.


Members will receive digital badges to recognise when they meet your standards, qualifications and their CPD achievements. Through detailed analytics we can map achievement to your standard which creates virtual CPD passports for your members.

Enabling your members to develop in a structured way through completing micro self-assessments, receiving personalised feedback reports and being certified, all supported by pushing relevant bite-sized learning material, will increase member engagement across all age groups.

This in turn will lead to higher retention, growth of your membership base and new revenue opportunities.

How do we help grow and
engage members?

Most membership organisations have something unique – their standards or framework of best practice against which members would like to

We take that framework and enable your members to self-assess themselves against your standards. We then automatically present them with personalised feedback reports and bite-sized learning content (videos, PDFs etc) pulled from your existing platforms.

Assessment progress and digital learning content is all presented back to members in a responsive and personalised dashboard so they can develop and measure their growth on any device.

Once a member has met the standard they can request to be certified by an accredited expert from your organisation through an anonymous structured virtual interview. The booking and facilitation of this certification conversation is online and seamless.


Free offer to membership bodies.

Would you like to see your CPD framework working in our technology?

We will take all or part of your framework and drop it into our platform
to show you how your members could be using it for CPD to develop themselves

No fees are charged up to this point



We can help you grow your membership by putting a member -focused CPD digital strategy and platform
in place, enabling your members to develop
and your association
to evolve.

Enable your members to learn and develop on any device at any time.


“There is the need for assessment before learning to identify learning opportunities, therefore making it relevant and specific to the learner.

Elliott Masie – Learning 2017

“MetaCapability add immense value
to the annual membership fee by providing an addictive online self
development environment where members can achieve CPD
recognition and verification.”

"Inform what parts of the website or content are of most/least interest"

"There is the need for assessment before learning"

"Personalise the content so it is relevant and current to every learner"

The clever stuff.

  • A learner centric platform.
  • Fully responsive dashboard reporting on capability against standards.
  • Automated personalised feedback reports at each stage of the learning pathway using propriety algorithms based on how the learner answers questions.
  • Integration with Acuity (an online booking system) to schedule certification conversations to qualify if people really have
    met the standard.
  • Integration with Zoom to enable anonymous single click web conferencing for certification conversations.
  • Learners earn digital badges as they meet certain standards.
  • No need to set people up in the platform, our API integrates with your LMS or CRM system.
  • Seamless user journey through Single Sign On (SSO) and unified navigation menus in your website we make the learner feel like they are in one learning eco-system.
  • We will help create or match your content taxonomy to your framework
    of best practice ensuring micro or byte sized learning is delivered to
    the members.
  • xAPI statements feed in to google for general stats, an LRS to track learning experiences and record them in a CPD passport, and CRM for marketing purposes.

Challenges facing Membership organisations that MetaCapability
can resolve.

  • Retention of members.
  • Growing membership.
  • The ability to offer mobile and micro learning that is organised by CPD frameworks and the actual development needs of members.
  • Lack of online technology that helps educators to build and maintain supportive relationships with learners.
  • Difficulties in quantifying mobile and micro learning as formal training which is the learning style many of us gravitate towards.
  • Engaging members – how to do it and how to analyse/use data about engagement to improve it.
  • Content creation strategies. Digital material has to be highly engaging and it should strike a balance between being easy to access and having valuable content.
  • Personalisation of relevant content to the member.
  • The increased use of multiple devices to access information online.
  •  The plethora of social media platforms.
  • The abundance of professional and social online groups.
  • Legacy databases, CRM, billing or other technological system that are not membership centric.
  • Any content, anywhere on any device is the competition so what can a membership organisation do to retain, grow, engage and develop members?





If you want to know more or would like a demonstration of what we can do for your organisation email: