Case study: Kaplan

Biggest global financial training company.


The global financial training company embarked on a visionary quest to revolutionise digital learning. They recognised the inadequacy of traditional e-learning, envisioning a platform that catered to diverse user needs and reflected the dynamism of modern learning.

The envisioned platform aimed to create a dynamic digital ecosystem, combining three key learning pillars:

  • Personalised Asynchronous Learning: Delivering varied content in bite-sized formats.
  • Assessment and Psychometrics: Enhancing self-awareness and motivation for learners.
  • Personal and Performance Coaching: Bringing vibrancy and uniqueness to the platform.

Grounded in two core principles:

  • Democratisation of Learning: Making learning accessible and relevant to all, regardless of age or capability, while ensuring affordability and commercial viability.
  • Learning Governance: Treating learning as an investment rather than a cost, with a focus on outcome, impact, and effective implementation in the workplace.

Thus, the product's vision emerged, aiming to serve as a strategic enabler by delivering inclusive, diverse digital learning solutions, poised to ignite business growth.


The global financial training company lacked the internal expertise and capacity to develop a learning experience platform tailored for the corporate learning market.


The client secured a number ofmultimillion- pound orders for the platform in the first 12 months.


We went on to lead the raise of a £3 million investment into the business.


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✓ Content Development
✓ Product design
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✓ Product launch