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Training Company
in the World


“If learning stays in the platform it is a cost. If it transfers back into the workplace it is an investment. Now more than ever we need to invest in people.”

“A huge amount of transatlantic stakeholders were involved in the development of the product which were managed and run by Meta Capability remotely. There were time and cultural differences and people needed to get on, respect and like each other. Meta Capability have fitted in and managed it really very well.”

“We could not have built the platform as quickly or as close the vision without Meta Capability. They bring in the intellectual ingredient, the different points of view and challenges are excellent and the speed, commitment and dedication of all their teams have added to the agility and speed of delivery which has been fantastic.”

“What I look for in any strategically important supplier to your product or business goes beyond experience and expertise, they are hygiene factors. I want empathy, flexibility, commerciality, likeability, innovation, people who are at the cutting edge of learning. I found that with Meta Capability and I have enjoyed working with them.”

“We launch publicly tomorrow. It has been a personal and a professional pleasure to have worked with Meta Capability. You represent the epitome of what I have always imagined a commercial partnership should look like but have not seen at this level before.

Thank you very much indeed for all the work, the effort, the creativity and the discipline that you have brought to this project. We still have a long way to go but today I am beyond delighted.”

Andy Perkins – Global Director