Case study: ELPEM Football

The ultimate assist for your goals.


Ex-Premiership footballer and his business partner a Southampton Academy coach wanted to bottle up the benefits kids get at academy football and offer the same on scale at affordable prices to the grassroots football market.


We established a concise strategy and developed prototypes for three distinct products:

1) Manager Insight: A platform empowering coaches to provide feedback on player development gaps.

2) Match Insight: Utilising game recordings for in-depth player performance analysis. The data from both products informs the prioritisation of training and development videos.

3) High-Tech Football Gyms: Offering state-of-the-art facilities for football training.


We went on to lead the raise of a £3 million investment into the business.


of Work

✓ Business modelling
✓ Marketing strategy
✓ Brand strategy
✓ Visual brand creation
✓ Online toolkit - Click here for example (pw is football)
✓ Prototyping
✓ Platform development
✓ Investor presentations