"Inform what parts of the website or content are of most/least interest"

"There is the need for assessment before learning"

"Personalise the content so it is relevant and current to every learner"

This, coupled with an exponentially busier lifestyle and sharply declining attention spans, clearly implies that bite-sized learning is here to stay.

Deloitte’s research on the modern learner shows an average employee can only devote 1 percent of their work week to professional development or 4.8 minutes a day.

Bite-sized learning perfectly fits the modern corporate culture, allows increased retention, facilitates learning on-the-go, and is easier to produce and manage.

Bite-sized learning is more of a tactic than as a strategy, and needs to be executed in conjunction with self, peer or manager assessment to ensure effective embedded learning.


How can we help you?

We can take any best practice capability framework for any role and drop it into our cloud-based Meta platform giving you the ability to develop any individual on desktop or mobile device.

The output of any assessment will not only create an easy to use capability dashboard, but will present bite sized learning videos or PDF's that learners can watch or read on any device at any time organised in a learning pathway specific to their individual development needs.

The Meta Platform can not only measure and demonstrate improvements in knowledge but most importantly, whether a learner has changed their behaviour which will then have a direct positive impact on performance.

It is also a powerful platform that is used by managers for feedback and coaching of their staff

We can accommodate any of the following form of assessments individually or as a combination:

• Live observation using a binary objective yes/no approach.

• Live observation using BARS (always, most of the time, sometimes, never).

• Self-assessment using a binary objective yes/no approach.

• Self-assessment using a true/false questions.

• Self-assessment using a BARS approach.

• Multiple choice.




Bite-sized learning only increases knowledge. Our Meta Platform enables and verifies change
in behaviours.

The only way to gauge positive changes in behaviour is through self - assessment and managerial or peer observational assessments.

So bite-sized learning needs to be supported with bite-sized assessments enabling the learner and  manager to work on a small aspect of capability within a predefined best practice framework.

This also provides the perfect platform for coaching and feedback
and allows for a thorough and progressive development of behaviour
and capability achieving unconscious competence in each learner.


"Bite-sized learning only increases knowledge. How do you know the learner has learnt and changed their behaviours?"

94% of learners prefer
learning modules under
10 minutes.

“It is better to do 100 things 1% better than one thing 100% better”
Marginal Gain Theory.

Case Study:  Johnston Press

JP were already assessing sales skills on live calls or meetings against frameworks of excellence that they had designed for their call centre and field sales force. However they were subjective and provided limited data and output from the assessment.

We refined their assessments, made them objective and added in improved the definition of sales excellence where necessary. Then we loaded them into our Meta Platform so the sales managers and Quality teams could use them to analyse live calls or meetings.

The screen shot below shows the binary objective approach to creating Development Insights



Once completed it produces a dashboard which is used for feedback and coaching.

An observer can use a smart phone to do bite sized assessments and view results.