Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation


We collaborated with CIHT to develop CIHT Learn, a platform for selling training courses to their members. We designed and implemented a tailored CPD and learning platform that integrated with CIHT Technical eco-system and acted as a presentation layer over the top of their LMS and CMS. This initiative has transformed CIHT Learn into a key educational resource in the transportation and highways industry, significantly enhancing member engagement and retention.


CIHT wanted to create a platform to sell training courses to their members. They have no IT team or expertise and were in danger of trying to “push” courses rather than get members engaged and creating a demand for a learning platform. They also did not know how to create a business case for this development.


We took time to understand CIHT in detail and then designed and developed their members CPD and learning platform (CIHT Learn) from scratch with them. In parallel we created their business plan which enabled the trustees to sign off on the development.


CIHT Learn is now the central CPD and learning platform for the transportation and highways industry. CIHT launched many courses that are now actively used by their members which has in turn increased member retention.


of Work

✓ Strategy
✓ Business Modelling
✓ Product design
✓ Product build
✓ Product launch