We partnered with ELPEM Football to bring academy-level training to grassroots football. We developed a strategy and prototypes for three key products: Manager Insight, Match Insight, and High-Tech Football Gyms, enhancing training accessibility and quality. Our efforts led to a successful £3 million investment raise, significantly expanding the reach of advanced football training.

We collaborated with Meta Team to transform a high-cost, manually-created team development program into a scalable and affordable digital platform. By digitalising 15 years of expertise and refining the market strategy, Meta Team has become a profitable solution with international clients and key global partners, broadening its impact across the industry.

Kaplan are the largest global financial training company, and its ambitious project to redefine digital learning. Recognising the limitations of traditional e-learning, Kaplan embarked on developing a platform that merges personalised learning, rigorous assessment, and dynamic coaching. This innovative approach aims to democratise education, making it accessible and impactful for all learners while emphasizing learning as a strategic investment. The initiative reflects Kaplan’s commitment to evolving modern education practices and enhancing workplace implementation.